Okay! Cupid?

For those who don’t know, OkCupid is a dating site. And to be completely honest, 6 years ago I would tell myself and friends that I would never sign up for an account on a online dating site. But here I am now with an account on OkCupid.com.

How did it happen?
Well it all started when I was in college and my friends had an account on Okcupid or PlentyofFish. They were telling me stories of their dates and I just thought they were crazy for taking a risk of meeting a stranger over the internet in person. They were telling me to sign up too, but before I said no, they quickly added “and join the contest.” Of course I asked “What contest?” Now this is the part what drew me in. The girls made an account on a online dating site to do a contest of to see who gets the most free dinners from their dates. And when I think of contests I think of prizes so I asked “What do you win?” And their response “….(yes there was a pause before they can answer me) Free dinner?” And so I was in. I signed up for an account on OkCupid because I thought the name of it was cute. After getting a couple of free dinner from the dates, afterwards it just didn’t feel right to me. I don’t want to go on dates and lead guys on to get free dinner. But honestly it was interesting meeting these guys online because some of them turned out to be really cool and friendly. Unfortunately none of them were my cup of tea, but one.

Majority of the time I reply back to EVERY message I receive on the dating site. But after one reply to this certain guy, he then started chatting with me. Honestly I thought he was pretty funny, I remember one of his questions was “Just wondering, why did you message me back? Is it because of my looks?” I told him how I reply back to everyone who messages me. But I didn’t think this guy was attractive, I thought he was just average. We kept chatting and I felt a friendly vibe from him, like a vibe where I was totally willing to meet this guy in person and I wanted to be friends with him. I swear he tricked me into giving my number to him. I was telling him how I was pulling an all nighter to go into work, and since I was staying up all night he asked if I could call him in the morning to wake him up. You would think he could have used his alarm from his phone which I did asked about but he told me he tends to turn it off and fall back asleep. So since I thought he was pretty funny and cool, we exchanged numbers. Did I ever call him that morning to wake him up? Yes I did.

A couple weeks later after a few chats we decided to meet up and hang out. He was the first guy from the dating site who has made me felt nervous about meeting him. And he was the first guy from the dating site who I have fell for. Not in love, I don’t think, but definitely madly in like. My first date with him was the PERFECT date, my A+ date. It was Summer and we walked to one of his favorite coffee places, Peet’s Coffee & Tea. He bought me iced coffee and we walked around Cambridge then around Harvard campus pretending as if we were students then randomly joining the campus tour. Afterwards we took the subway to Chinatown and he brought me to his favorite restaurant, Gourmet Dumpling House. He did the ordering and one of the things that I liked about him is that I can see how generous he is by serving me the bowl of soup rather me serving myself and he would give me the best pieces in the soup. You would think the night ended from there but this guy seriously know the key to my heart, after dinner we went to get bubble tea. The night still didn’t end from there, we went back to his apartment and watched Old Boy. And no, nothing happened between us at his apartment. It was random of me to ask if I can see his apartment but I tend to be curious of people’s living places. I like to look at things in person rather than visualizing it in my head. Then he gave me a ride home, no goodbye kisses.

So there’s my story of my first experience of having feelings for someone from an online dating site. Unfortunately the guy had no interest in dating me.

Way Of Gray One Week Free E-Book REVIEW

Last night I have completed the 4th and last workout from the Way Of Gray’s Free E-Book of one week workout and I LOVED IT!!! I didn’t get the chance to check my weight this morning but I’ll check it tonight and tomorrow morning. I usually like to weigh myself in early in the morning right after I wake up because it just makes more sense to me. But I THINK, that I’ve lost something because now my clothes are starting to feel more fit again and not too tight.

I enjoyed all 4 workouts and every minute of it! Just looking at the schedule of what I have to do for the workouts and knowing that it can be done just motivated me. And they were all so short. In my personal crazy mind, because I was happy and excited to try out this workout program where you only need to workout 4 times a week and some workouts were under 30 minutes, it just puts me in such a good  mood where I crazily think it helps me lose weight. I don’t have to stress or dread to do a one hour cardio workout. I feel and think that happiness can fill someone up. For example, I remembered that every time I went out to eat with this guy I was madly in like with, I can never finish my whole meal, I would only be able to eat half of it then I feel full. Not full from eating but full from just being happy and excited to be out with this guy who I truly liked (I know it sounds lame but it’s true). So instead of filling your stomach with junk food, fill it with natural food and happiness! Alright, now back to the workouts, HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, that was included in the workout but they were so quick and you’re done before you know it. The workouts would focus on certain part of your body such as the abs, legs, total body. And I just love how I can play my own music to make it more fun. I am definitely gonna purchase one of her e-books, it’s only $10. I’m just unsure on which one I want to get, cause I want to get all of them. So a month workout for only $10, sounds like a better deal than going through beach body if you ask me. And it’s seriously crazy how I get better results from these underground personal trainer than the trainers on beach body.

Another way I think I’ve lost weight, I can now fit back into a size 2! Well, still a little tight but I’ll get there. Unless if anyone knows that Ralph Lauren’s dress runs big. Well, anyways, 3 reasons why I bought this dress is 1) It’s a beautiful purple color 2) I got it on sale, about 75% off original price and 3) It’s a size 2 kekeke 😀 IMG_1765.JPG

So Halloween is less than a month away, gotta get started on the workouts so I can look good in my costume. Well, I’ve yet to buy one, but hopefully I will this weekend.

Again if anyone is interested in trying out Way of Gray’s workout, go on her site http://www.wayofgray.com and there’s a link near the bottom where you can download her free e-book of one week workout. If you guys have any questions, drop me a comment 🙂

Way of Gray My New Way of Life

If you have read my previous post, I talked about how I have completed Insanity. The day right after my last workout (which was yesterday) I wanted to take a rest day. During my rest day I was still contemplating on what workout program I should do next. I was in between Cha Lean Extreme, or Blogilates, or Way of Gray. Again from my previous post I mentioned how I have already done Blogilates which has given me great results! But I wanted to try something new and different. Since the home workout programs from Beach Body didn’t give me the best results that I would have like, I decided to go with the Way of Gray. HOWEVER, I wasn’t entirely sure how her workout program was set up. You don’t buy a CD and pop it in a DVD player, you purchase an E-Book and download a PDF file. But I thought to myself, okay, well, what if you don’t know how to do the moves correctly? Thankfully, Sophie, the owner of Way of Gray, lets you download a free e-book to test out the workouts to see if you would like it or not. And in the PDF file there is a link you can click on under the moves where it’ll direct you to her youtube video demonstrating the workout moves. Now I usually like to take a peek of the workouts before I do them so I can get an idea of how it works or what to expect. So last night after I downloaded the free Way of Gray ebook on her website http://www.wayofgray.com, I was just looking over the first workout and would try to do them to see if I find them doable. In my head I know I can do these 3 workouts for the Warm Up however when I was actually trying to do them, PHEW! Action really speaks louder than words. After trying to do just one round, I was tired! So I took a break and decided to open/unwrap my makeup that I have bought from South Korea 3 months ago (I’ll write a post about that later) and test them out. Then I kept thinking about the workout and just had an urge to give it another try. But what really happen was I actually did the whole workout haha. First I was telling myself to just do the warm up, then afterwards I decided to test out the workout but I didn’t plan to complete the whole thing, I guess plans never fall through because when I was half way done I said to myself “Just continue and see how much you can get done.” Then when I was 3/4 done I said “Might as well complete it since you’re near the finish line.” Next thing I know I was dripping sweat and doing the cool down. It felt sooo good to have done the workout and I couldn’t believe how fast it was. So much for taking a rest day. The workout I did was just a one week sample. I am planning to finish it this week.

After I complete the one week workout I’ll definitely blog it on my next post. So far, I would highly recommend everyone who is looking for a quick workout to download the free e-book. If you like Tabata workout or HIIT or less than 30 minute workout then Way of Gray is a must try. Like every work out, there’s a warm up, workout, and cool down. Doing the workouts almost reminded me of Insanity however it was just shorter and more repetitive. Only thing that was difficult is keeping track of time, you’ll need a stop watch or something cause she would tell you to do a move for this amount of time then do the next one.

Anyways. I weighed myself in this morning and unfortunately I’m back to square one. I’m up at 133lbs, this was my weight during my senior year in college. I didn’t get the chance to look at the water weight and muscle mass etc cause it was just too early and I had to quickly get ready for work. But yesterday I do remember my muscle mass was at 39.7%. Anyone know if that’s a good thing? And just to throw it out there, I’m 24 and supposedly 5’3″ (I say supposedly because I haven’t been to the doctors in a while and everyone says I look taller than 5’3″). If anyone has some good tips and advice for weightloss or being fit and healthy let me know. Always open to new ideas and gestures to these kind of things ^_^