Way of Gray My New Way of Life

If you have read my previous post, I talked about how I have completed Insanity. The day right after my last workout (which was yesterday) I wanted to take a rest day. During my rest day I was still contemplating on what workout program I should do next. I was in between Cha Lean Extreme, or Blogilates, or Way of Gray. Again from my previous post I mentioned how I have already done Blogilates which has given me great results! But I wanted to try something new and different. Since the home workout programs from Beach Body didn’t give me the best results that I would have like, I decided to go with the Way of Gray. HOWEVER, I wasn’t entirely sure how her workout program was set up. You don’t buy a CD and pop it in a DVD player, you purchase an E-Book and download a PDF file. But I thought to myself, okay, well, what if you don’t know how to do the moves correctly? Thankfully, Sophie, the owner of Way of Gray, lets you download a free e-book to test out the workouts to see if you would like it or not. And in the PDF file there is a link you can click on under the moves where it’ll direct you to her youtube video demonstrating the workout moves. Now I usually like to take a peek of the workouts before I do them so I can get an idea of how it works or what to expect. So last night after I downloaded the free Way of Gray ebook on her website http://www.wayofgray.com, I was just looking over the first workout and would try to do them to see if I find them doable. In my head I know I can do these 3 workouts for the Warm Up however when I was actually trying to do them, PHEW! Action really speaks louder than words. After trying to do just one round, I was tired! So I took a break and decided to open/unwrap my makeup that I have bought from South Korea 3 months ago (I’ll write a post about that later) and test them out. Then I kept thinking about the workout and just had an urge to give it another try. But what really happen was I actually did the whole workout haha. First I was telling myself to just do the warm up, then afterwards I decided to test out the workout but I didn’t plan to complete the whole thing, I guess plans never fall through because when I was half way done I said to myself “Just continue and see how much you can get done.” Then when I was 3/4 done I said “Might as well complete it since you’re near the finish line.” Next thing I know I was dripping sweat and doing the cool down. It felt sooo good to have done the workout and I couldn’t believe how fast it was. So much for taking a rest day. The workout I did was just a one week sample. I am planning to finish it this week.

After I complete the one week workout I’ll definitely blog it on my next post. So far, I would highly recommend everyone who is looking for a quick workout to download the free e-book. If you like Tabata workout or HIIT or less than 30 minute workout then Way of Gray is a must try. Like every work out, there’s a warm up, workout, and cool down. Doing the workouts almost reminded me of Insanity however it was just shorter and more repetitive. Only thing that was difficult is keeping track of time, you’ll need a stop watch or something cause she would tell you to do a move for this amount of time then do the next one.

Anyways. I weighed myself in this morning and unfortunately I’m back to square one. I’m up at 133lbs, this was my weight during my senior year in college. I didn’t get the chance to look at the water weight and muscle mass etc cause it was just too early and I had to quickly get ready for work. But yesterday I do remember my muscle mass was at 39.7%. Anyone know if that’s a good thing? And just to throw it out there, I’m 24 and supposedly 5’3″ (I say supposedly because I haven’t been to the doctors in a while and everyone says I look taller than 5’3″). If anyone has some good tips and advice for weightloss or being fit and healthy let me know. Always open to new ideas and gestures to these kind of things ^_^

One thought on “Way of Gray My New Way of Life

  1. You know, a year from now I was overly obsessed with my weight (without realizing it). Once I got into the health and fitness industry by going on tumblr and such my eyes opened to this new world, these new ideas that no one had ever told me about. How could I never have been educated about food and fitness like this? From that point on I started making slight gradual changes. My nutella sandwich became a peanutbutter-banana sandwich and my coke became 2L of water every day… I never crave fizzy drinks anymore, how weird is that? I just don’t want it in my body anymore. I slowly started losing weight in a year, going from 58 kgs to 54 kgs as my lowest weight ever. I had a cheeky look at the scale every evening and would be satisfied if it were under 55 kgs. I was at my healthiest, the way I ate and exercised (2x a week kickboxing and 2x a week running) – but my mental health had changed drastically. I was severely aware of what I ate and counted the bad things I’d eaten in one day at night. Also, I’d be frustrated with myself if I were to overate.

    Now, one year later, I am still thin because of how I used to be. My lifestyle has changed to a healthier one. Though, I now weigh about 58 – 60: but I wouldn’t know for sure, because I rarely weigh myself. I am trying to get back to kickboxing twice a week – but that’s one thing I’m working on with the stress of exams and such. I’m more comfortable and happy in my head than I used to be last year. I’m not constantly controlling myself anymore, and that has to do with letting myself go and not weighing myself. A number neither defines us as a person nor has it anything to do with our purpose in life . I’m sorry to give you this lectured ‘lesson’, but I just wanted to point out that you should throw out your scale. It will make you happier in the end. Thanks for hearing me out 🙂

    Veerle from the Netherlands

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