Dinosaur Egg Bingsoo 공룡알빙수 Dala 100% Chocolate in Busan

Okay, honestly, I’m not the best at blogging so I’ll just try to keep it short and simple. While I was down in Busan (second biggest city in South Korea) I went to visit Dala 100% Chocolate cafe in Seomyeon (서면). Supposedly the chocolate here is really popular although I came here for the Dinosaur Egg Bingsoo which is also called 공룡알빙수, 공룡 means Dinosaur and 공룡알 together means Dinosaur Egg, 빙수 is shaved ice, a popular dessert in South Korea. Since I went to Busan alone I ordered the Dinosaur Egg Bingsoo just for myself. I think it was 11,000won which is maybe around $10usd? The Dinosaur Egg Bingsoo came with a small cup of chocolate syrup, a hammer to crack the egg, and the

The Dinosaur Egg Bingsoo came with a small cup of chocolate syrup, a hammer to crack the egg, and the bingsoo itself, shaved ice on the bottom topped with chocolate shavings, other sorts of chocolate crunches and the egg. In the egg, there were some more chocolate with a scoop of chocolate ice cream and a chocolate dinosaur. In my personal opinion, I have a huge sweet tooth but this was overly sweet. I didn’t think the chocolate was that great, to me, some

In my personal opinion, I have a huge sweet tooth but this was overly sweet. I didn’t think the chocolate was that great, to me, some korean chocolates aren’t very rich, it’s a little tiny bit bland and tastes more of the oil rather than the cacao. So if you want to come to this cafe and looking for some real good chocolate, I wouldn’t recommend in ordering the dinosaur egg bingsoo, but if you want a good picture for the instagram or social media, then come with a friend and snap away.

I put the address that was provided on their facebook page into my navigator (naver) and turned out that it was wrong so I tried to follow directions that was from another blog but was still sort of lost. It’s right next to ESPACE cafe. From Seomyeon Station, I would get out from exit 6 and walk straight until you see NC Mall then turn right and walk two blocks the turn left on Jeonpo Cafe street and walk straight for a little more than two blocks then it should be on your left side. The cafe is quite small but has some nice interior.

Pepero! 빼빼로!

Happy Pepero Day!!

Seems like a lot of holidays in Korea are for couples. They have Valentines Day, White Day AND Pepero Day. A lot of Koreans here really go all out for holidays like these. You’d see all the convenient stores, big marts (Home Plus and E-mart), and small super markets sell tons of Pepero and set them up to make them look pretty.

Pepero PeperoSprinkled Peperos

Last night I biked to Home Plus in Sejong with a few friends of mine. They didn’t really know what it was or about it and I gave them a little explanation. The reason why Pepero Day is on 11/11 is because the actual Pepero resembles the numbers. You hand them out to either your loved ones or your friends or teachers (like me! :D) Supposedly the reason why you give them out to friends is so you can be friends forever and be taller and skinny.

Pepero SprinklesSprinkled Pepero In the Making

I tried to remake the Pepero that I bought and make them pretty by putting sprinkled hearts on them. I bought and did the Pepero the night before, if I had more time, I would have bought a variety and just remake them and do a bunch of pretty ones like the ones I’ve seen from Cute In Korea. Maybe next year 🙂

Pepero RollsPepero Up Face

Apartment Tour in Sejong City, South Korea

Here is an old video of a small apartment tour in a new city that I’m living in call Sejong City in South Korea. The city opened in July 2012 and I arrived in Korea at the end of January 2015. The apartment that I am living in was one of the first few apartments that was built in the city and there are still many apartments being built. The newer the apartments the more nice it is 🙂

If you guys have any questions about South Korea or what it’s like living here or in a new city, message me or leave me a comment. Still trying my best to stay updated. Tomorrow I’ll be getting LASIK so I’ll probably be away for awhile. Anyways, Happy Chuseok everyone!

Dream Come True

I’m finally in South Korea and it’s not just for visiting. I LIVE here! 😀 Haven’t blogged for a while and really need to get back.

Back in university I have always been interested in the Korean culture because watching a bunch of Korean Drama and listening to K-POP. During and after university I have always wanted to visit South Korea, I wanted to go through the places I would see in the Korean drama. Then instead of saying I started doing. In June 2014 I took about a week off from work to go to South Korea and right when I landed and stepped foot into the country, I fell in love. I had a friend who was living in South Korea and met up with her for awhile. Honestly, to me, being in South Korea felt like as if I was in the Korean Drama. Things you see in the drama would be a lot like the things you see in the country (which makes sense since they are filmed there and I can say the same about America). After my vacation was over I told my friend how much I missed it there and how I envy her for living there. So she told me to just move here as well. It took me a month to convince myself to do so. And it took me about 7 months to actually make it happen, to pack my bags and say good bye to America and Hello South Korea.

So here I am today, 7 months later living in Sejong City, South Korea. Sejong City is south of the capital Seoul and it’s a brand new city. By brand new city I mean this area used to be all mountains 3 years ago and they knocked everything down and built a city. Crazy huh? But that’s just how South Korea is. They make a lot of new cities and Korea tends to build things very quickly. They built a convenient store near my apartment within a week!

There’s a little update on my life. I’ll try my best to keep you all posted and see how interesting my life is in another country 😉


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