Pepero! 빼빼로!

Happy Pepero Day!!

Seems like a lot of holidays in Korea are for couples. They have Valentines Day, White Day AND Pepero Day. A lot of Koreans here really go all out for holidays like these. You’d see all the convenient stores, big marts (Home Plus and E-mart), and small super markets sell tons of Pepero and set them up to make them look pretty.

Pepero PeperoSprinkled Peperos

Last night I biked to Home Plus in Sejong with a few friends of mine. They didn’t really know what it was or about it and I gave them a little explanation. The reason why Pepero Day is on 11/11 is because the actual Pepero resembles the numbers. You hand them out to either your loved ones or your friends or teachers (like me! :D) Supposedly the reason why you give them out to friends is so you can be friends forever and be taller and skinny.

Pepero SprinklesSprinkled Pepero In the Making

I tried to remake the Pepero that I bought and make them pretty by putting sprinkled hearts on them. I bought and did the Pepero the night before, if I had more time, I would have bought a variety and just remake them and do a bunch of pretty ones like the ones I’ve seen from Cute In Korea. Maybe next year 🙂

Pepero RollsPepero Up Face

Back at it again

sexynotsexyidk window

Even though Summer is over, there is no excuse to not stay in shape. Of course I love wearing oversized sweaters to hide my fat but I still feel fat under the sweater. I’ve been trying to get back in shape for a month and to me, honestly I didn’t do much. I still eat chocolate and candy, I don’t sweat when I do my workout, I don’t get 7-8 hours of sleep. But a couple of things that has motivated me to get back in shape is Lauren Conrad and a honest friend.

I’m a fan of Lauren Conrad (for those who don’t know, she’s from MTV show Laguna Beach and The Hills) and I saw her post on my Facebook newsfeed about tips on losing weight and being healthy. I’ll post up the link from her Get Fit blog once I find it. One of the tips was to drink warm water with a slice of lemon 3x a day, morning, day and night before your meals because it’ll help with your digestion. Other tip is to do 100 crunches a day and 25 push ups. Yes that seems a lot so what I did was break them into sets and I did push ups on my knees. Now I do 2 sets of 30 ab workouts, and I do 3 different ab workouts. Sometimes I do more than 30. So in total I do about 180-200 and I have bumped up my push ups to 15 reps 3 sets and I throw in a glute workout as well. To top it off, I do 100+ jumping jacks, just to have some cardio.

I was complaining to my friend how I want my old body back. The lowest I have ever weighed was  about 52kg. Last time I checked I was 58kg and who knows how much I weigh now. Not sure if I even want to know lol 😦 Anyways, I complained to my friend and right after I complained I went to my fridge and grabbed a onigiri. As I was about to open it and stuff it in my face, my friend told me to stop. She asked me if I was really hungry (because 5 minutes before I went to the fridge I was eating cereal lol). Everyone, please don’t confuse yourself with hunger and boredom. Also, what really helped me out from my friend was that she told me when she eats, don’t eat til you are full. Otherwise you are just stretching out your stomach. I’ve been told many times to eat until you are content, and to me, content is when I can’t eat anymore haha. But really, you just have to think skinny. When you feel like your tummy is going to explode, think about it, do you really want to keep feeding yourself until your stomach expands? No, just think that your skinny with a small tummy and don’t forget, it does take about 20 minutes for your food to come down and for you to feel content or just full (but not overly full).

Another post that needs some editing.


This is my body. Yes, those are stretch marks, the only thing that makes me feel wicked self conscious of my body. But it is what it is and I just have to keep fighting to be healthy and fit.

Micro LASIK in Daejeon, South Korea

Today I had my first surgery in Korea and it was LASIK. Honestly it wasn’t painful during the surgery but afterwards my eyes were in pain!! It was a struggle to keep my eyes open. I’ll edit the post soon with some more details and pictures. If you want a full detail of the procedure for the surgery, here’s an article I found that will be really helpful so you can get an idea of what’s it like under the laser.

If you are interested in getting LASIK then let me tell you my experience. Before you go to any eye doctor, definitely do some research and ask previous patients with their experience. I used Facebook as my source to find an eye doctor in Daejeon, I looked up LASIK/LASEK in the “Daejeon Peeps” group to see if anyone had experience and just went from there. For those who live around Daejeon (Sejong), I went to 밝은빛 안과 in Dunsan Dong. It’s literally right across from The Galleria Mall (TimeWorld) and it’s on the same side as Shoopen. But I would recommend going to at least two eye doctors to compare prices. There’s another eye doctor that’s across from Shoopen called 눈사랑 (Eye Love). For those who aren’t sure if you are qualified for LASIK/LASEK, I wasn’t sure either but if it helps, I have astigmatism in my right eye and my prescription (for contacts) on my left eye is -4.25, CYL/AXIS -0.75/170 and my right eye is -4.50.

Before you book an appointment for the consultation, ask if the doctor speaks english and for the price range. You cannot wear soft contact lenses at least 5 days before the consultation and same goes for the surgery. At the consultation, I did some eye test. After the doctor checks the eye test, he or she will explain to you the difference between LASIK and LASEK. My doctor explained to me with a slideshow on the computer because his pronunciation wasn’t perfect. Then the doctor will tell you which surgery is suitable for you. Luckily I had to get Micro LASIK which is less painful and only takes about a day for my eyes to heal. LASIK was 1.2 mil won and LASEK is 1.1 mil won. If you choose or have to do LASEK, I was told it would take 2-4 weeks for your eyes to heal.

Honestly, for the surgery, I wasn’t too scared. I actually wasn’t thinking too much about it until I was in the operation room. I was given tylenol before the surgery and they did some more eye testing. During the surgery, I didn’t feel any pain because my eyes were anesthetized. They had classical music on to calm me down but I still wasn’t really relaxed. Inside I was really nervous. Although I did feel calm when the doctor was telling me what he was doing like “I’m gonna be putting water in your eye.” and stuff like that and he told me that the surgery was going to be successful and said I was doing a good job. The procedure only took about 5 minutes for each eye!

After the surgery you won’t see clearly right away, definitely give it a few hours. I had to stay in the clinic room for about 20 minutes with my eyes closed after the surgery to rest. Luckily I had a friend with me because it was too painful to open my eyes. My eyesight started to get better about 4 hours later. I was supposed to go back to the doctors the day after surgery for check up, unfortunately I couldn’t make it because of my work hours. However if you feel like something goes wrong with the aftermath of the surgery, definitely call the doctor. Luckily me I had no issues and just went back to the doctors 3 days later. During my first checkup the doctor said my eye vision is 1/1 (which I think means 20/20) but I have to come back next week for another check up.

So here are the rules for LASIK after the surgery.
1. You will be able to wash your face, use shampoo, and take a shower after 5 days (I would suggest to shower in the morning before surgery)
2. You will be able to take a bath after a week, & use a sauna or a steam bath after a month.
3. You will be able to do basic makeup after 3 days. Both eye-liner & mascara are okay after 2 weeks.
4. You will be able to get a perm and dye your hair after a month
5. You will be able to do light activity such as jogging after a week.
6. No alcohol for 2 weeks & avoid heavy drinking for a month.

Day after surgery, I was able to wake up and see clearly, not right away though, takes awhile for your eyes to adjust. Please excuse my bare naked face.

Here are the eye drops that I had to purchase at the pharmacy right after the surgery. Total of these four costed me 27,820 won. The doctor will explain and give you instructions on paper of when to take them. I was also give eye goggles so I won’t rub my eyes during the night when I sleep.

LASIK eyedrops
lasik goggle

So it says that you’re not supposed to shower after 5 days but I actually washed my hair after 3 days cause I just couldn’t stand it being greasy. Just try to avoid having soap and water in your eyes. As for the face, I just used a wet towel to clean my face and again, avoid the eyes.

If you guys have any questions leave me a comment or message me 🙂

Apartment Tour in Sejong City, South Korea

Here is an old video of a small apartment tour in a new city that I’m living in call Sejong City in South Korea. The city opened in July 2012 and I arrived in Korea at the end of January 2015. The apartment that I am living in was one of the first few apartments that was built in the city and there are still many apartments being built. The newer the apartments the more nice it is 🙂

If you guys have any questions about South Korea or what it’s like living here or in a new city, message me or leave me a comment. Still trying my best to stay updated. Tomorrow I’ll be getting LASIK so I’ll probably be away for awhile. Anyways, Happy Chuseok everyone!