Back at it again

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Even though Summer is over, there is no excuse to not stay in shape. Of course I love wearing oversized sweaters to hide my fat but I still feel fat under the sweater. I’ve been trying to get back in shape for a month and to me, honestly I didn’t do much. I still eat chocolate and candy, I don’t sweat when I do my workout, I don’t get 7-8 hours of sleep. But a couple of things that has motivated me to get back in shape is Lauren Conrad and a honest friend.

I’m a fan of Lauren Conrad (for those who don’t know, she’s from MTV show Laguna Beach and The Hills) and I saw her post on my Facebook newsfeed about tips on losing weight and being healthy. I’ll post up the link from her Get Fit blog once I find it. One of the tips was to drink warm water with a slice of lemon 3x a day, morning, day and night before your meals because it’ll help with your digestion. Other tip is to do 100 crunches a day and 25 push ups. Yes that seems a lot so what I did was break them into sets and I did push ups on my knees. Now I do 2 sets of 30 ab workouts, and I do 3 different ab workouts. Sometimes I do more than 30. So in total I do about 180-200 and I have bumped up my push ups to 15 reps 3 sets and I throw in a glute workout as well. To top it off, I do 100+ jumping jacks, just to have some cardio.

I was complaining to my friend how I want my old body back. The lowest I have ever weighed was  about 52kg. Last time I checked I was 58kg and who knows how much I weigh now. Not sure if I even want to know lol 😦 Anyways, I complained to my friend and right after I complained I went to my fridge and grabbed a onigiri. As I was about to open it and stuff it in my face, my friend told me to stop. She asked me if I was really hungry (because 5 minutes before I went to the fridge I was eating cereal lol). Everyone, please don’t confuse yourself with hunger and boredom. Also, what really helped me out from my friend was that she told me when she eats, don’t eat til you are full. Otherwise you are just stretching out your stomach. I’ve been told many times to eat until you are content, and to me, content is when I can’t eat anymore haha. But really, you just have to think skinny. When you feel like your tummy is going to explode, think about it, do you really want to keep feeding yourself until your stomach expands? No, just think that your skinny with a small tummy and don’t forget, it does take about 20 minutes for your food to come down and for you to feel content or just full (but not overly full).

Another post that needs some editing.


This is my body. Yes, those are stretch marks, the only thing that makes me feel wicked self conscious of my body. But it is what it is and I just have to keep fighting to be healthy and fit.

Insanity. Check!

I, Jen Phan, have officially completed Insanity! Although, I was two and a half weeks behind hehe, but whatever! I completed the calendar and did all of the workouts. Honestly, when I did the last Fit Test, I felt soooo good! And I was even doing Core Cardio and Balance 10 minutes before it too! But to just think, “Okay, this is my LAST workout of Insanity, I’mma give it my all.” And so I did. I have definitely felt stronger than my first Fit Test.

My experience with Insanity… Man out of all the home workout programs I’ve done from Beach Body, Insanity probably gave me the best results. But out of all the home workout programs I’ve done from Beach Body, Insanity is probably my least favorite. No, not even part of my favorites, I just hated it. Haha, I’ve never felt so dreadful to workout in my life. Which is weird and funny cause now that I’m done with Insanity, I feel so motivated to workout. I can’t wait to get home from work and put on my workout gear and do some jumping jacks or lift weights and pushups. Is that weird? Well anyways, back to my experience with Insanity. The first month I was doing really well, I still dread to do the workouts because I was so used to my 25-30 minute workouts with T25 and P90x3. But I still did all the workouts and didn’t miss a singe day, I was following the schedule on point. Then… When I got to the second month. First of all, I was NOT aware that the workouts were going to be longer, not 10 minutes longer but they were 57 -59 minutes long! Literally, after Max Recovery, I just had to take a break. Second month was TOUGH, I mean like I said, I fell behind 2 and a half weeks. And unfortunately, I didn’t follow the meal plan. I should have, but I just wasn’t motivated to go grocery shopping and prep the meals. Usually what motivates me to workout is to peek at the workout list. When I read the list of what the workout contains, I know that I am capable of doing them and in my head I just think “Oh, I can do that, and I can do that, alright, I think I got this! Lets do it!”

Overall, even though Insanity gave me semi good results, I would never do it again. I rather do a workout where I feel so motivated and actually enjoy doing. The best workout I’ve ever experience and literally gave me amazing results, would be Blogilates. Maybe I’ll talk about my experience with Blogilates in another post. But long story short, I followed Cassey Ho’s meal plan and did her workout, I lost 4-5 lbs in a week! SHE helped me get close to my weight goal, I was able to get down between 116-117lbs because of her. You guys are probably thinking, “if you got such great results from her why not do her workouts again?” Well, first, I wanted to see what my other options are and try a little bit of everything. I hear so many good reviews on so many different workout programs and I just wanted to give it a try and I’m an sucker when I see the workouts on infomercials. And second, I was just annoyed of going through youtube video to another to do the workouts in one day. You’ll never know when you lose internet connection or if the loading takes too long. I rather just have the videos all together in one and do the workouts. Alright, this post is supposed to be about Insanity so I’ll just stop here.

If anyone else would like to share their experience or thoughts of Insanity, drop me a comment 🙂

Ask Me How I Lost Over 50lbs

I’ll be making a video talking about how I lost over 50lbs. If anyone would like to ask me any questions, feel free. You can also ask personal questions about my experience as well. Ask away 🙂

BTW, I used to use xanga (still do and will do until it gets shut down in July) and most people and friends know that I used to weigh over 170lbs, which is why I put 50lbs on the title.