Dream Come True

I’m finally in South Korea and it’s not just for visiting. I LIVE here! 😀 Haven’t blogged for a while and really need to get back.

Back in university I have always been interested in the Korean culture because watching a bunch of Korean Drama and listening to K-POP. During and after university I have always wanted to visit South Korea, I wanted to go through the places I would see in the Korean drama. Then instead of saying I started doing. In June 2014 I took about a week off from work to go to South Korea and right when I landed and stepped foot into the country, I fell in love. I had a friend who was living in South Korea and met up with her for awhile. Honestly, to me, being in South Korea felt like as if I was in the Korean Drama. Things you see in the drama would be a lot like the things you see in the country (which makes sense since they are filmed there and I can say the same about America). After my vacation was over I told my friend how much I missed it there and how I envy her for living there. So she told me to just move here as well. It took me a month to convince myself to do so. And it took me about 7 months to actually make it happen, to pack my bags and say good bye to America and Hello South Korea.

So here I am today, 7 months later living in Sejong City, South Korea. Sejong City is south of the capital Seoul and it’s a brand new city. By brand new city I mean this area used to be all mountains 3 years ago and they knocked everything down and built a city. Crazy huh? But that’s just how South Korea is. They make a lot of new cities and Korea tends to build things very quickly. They built a convenient store near my apartment within a week!

There’s a little update on my life. I’ll try my best to keep you all posted and see how interesting my life is in another country 😉


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