Pepero! 빼빼로!

Happy Pepero Day!!

Seems like a lot of holidays in Korea are for couples. They have Valentines Day, White Day AND Pepero Day. A lot of Koreans here really go all out for holidays like these. You’d see all the convenient stores, big marts (Home Plus and E-mart), and small super markets sell tons of Pepero and set them up to make them look pretty.

Pepero PeperoSprinkled Peperos

Last night I biked to Home Plus in Sejong with a few friends of mine. They didn’t really know what it was or about it and I gave them a little explanation. The reason why Pepero Day is on 11/11 is because the actual Pepero resembles the numbers. You hand them out to either your loved ones or your friends or teachers (like me! :D) Supposedly the reason why you give them out to friends is so you can be friends forever and be taller and skinny.

Pepero SprinklesSprinkled Pepero In the Making

I tried to remake the Pepero that I bought and make them pretty by putting sprinkled hearts on them. I bought and did the Pepero the night before, if I had more time, I would have bought a variety and just remake them and do a bunch of pretty ones like the ones I’ve seen from Cute In Korea. Maybe next year 🙂

Pepero RollsPepero Up Face